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We are currently based in Hampshire, and having travelled all over the UK and mainland Europe for the last 30yrs, and Morocco over the last 10yrs, we have benefit of knowing how to plan, organise and prepare for the road ahead.


We currently use a 2019 69 plated, plain white unlivered Ciroen Relay XLWB (L4H2), so you can be sure any items will be cared for, out of sight, out of the weather and whatever the item/s also secure. We use ratchet straps to secure your load and blankets it protect them, so your item/s will be carefully stowed. 


Internal dimensions are; 3.85m L x 1.7m W (1.3m between the wheel arches) x 1.8m H.


We have the correct UK (Hire and Reward) and European (CMR) courier/haulage insurances, goods in transit for £20k and public liability for £2m.

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